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⭐ Isabel and Leo are seeking a new home ⭐

tel: 60 65 34 01      email:

Originally from San Francisco, I've been living in Denmark now for 11 years. I work as an assistant accountant at the music organization Tempi located in Vesterbro as well as run the music agency Tone Chamber.

Leo is 8 years old and lives with me every other week. He is an extremely sweet and easy going child that is now in second grade at Nørrebro Park Skole.

The past year we have been enjoying living in a two room apartment in Frederiksberg, but unfortunately the owner could not extend the contract due to andels rules. So we are now seeking a new home of similar size.


As a renter I am absolutely financially reliable, clean, and considerate. And I have excellent references from both my work clients and my current landlord!

What we are looking for:

  • 2-3 room apartment

  • total monthly cost 9000 DKK including aconto

  • contract from April 1st

  • a minimum contract length of 2 years, ideally unlimited

  • ideally in Nørrebro but we also interested in seeing places anywhere in KBH, Frederiksberg, and 30 minutes on the s-tog from Nørrebro

  • ideally with an inner yard where Leo can play

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