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SUDBINA: A Portrait of Vida Pavlović
In their collaboration, Eva Salina & Peter Stan pick up and continue an interrupted legacy of empowered female voices in Balkan Romani (gypsy) music. Amplifying voices of past generations of Romani women musicians, Eva & Peter employ tenderness, grace, passion and a commitment to keeping these songs alive and evolving, while inspiring and teaching young people in the Balkans and the Balkan diaspora to continue to participate in living traditions. 

California-grown, Brooklyn-based Eva Salina is a groundbreaking interpreter of Balkan Romani songs. Raised in the US Balkan Diaspora, Eva's mentors are some of the greatest living Balkan musicians. Eva’s rich, supple voice moves effortlessly through the intricate and demanding expression of Romani songs, intertwining vintage pop songs with her singular interpretations. A passionate activist for dialogue and mutual understanding, Eva is committed to a life of collaboration and evolving musical traditions. 

Peter “Perica” Stan is a Serbian/Romanian Roma accordionist known for his playful innovation and soulful, intuitive improvisations. Eva & Peter draw on a long musical friendship, creating dynamic, intimate performances where mournful contemplation nestles gently amongst songs of riotous joy. Their new album, a portrait of one of Romani music’s most poignant women, comes out Fall 2017 on Vogiton Records.

Eva and her 2016 release,  “LEMA LEMA: Eva Salina sings Šaban Bajramović” have been featured on NPR, WNYC, Transglobal World Music Chart, World Music Central, spent 23 weeks on CMJ New World/Jazz charts, and appeared in fRoots, Songlines, and Serbian publications Južne Vesti, Lepota i Zdravlje, and DANAS.  Eva is a 2-time OneBeat alumna and a 2015 NYFA Fellow in Folk/Traditional Arts.  Eva & Peter performed at Belgrade's Mikser Festival 2016 with Šaban's band, Crne Mambe, in a Šaban tribute curated by Dragi Šestić (Mostar Sevdah Reunion). Select recent performances include California WorldFest, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Global Copenhagen, The Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus, Denmark), Newport Folk Festival, Chicago World Music Festival. 

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