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Anna och Daniel (SE)

Anna och Daniel is a fresh new project from two of the most exciting composers of the Swedish art-pop scene. Studio recordings on the way...

Anna Ahnlund creates, arranges and produces music with a curiosity that takes the listener to a world of authenticity regarding sound, composition and text. The music is multilayered and Anna's Swedish lyrics deal, in a stylistic and imaginative way, with the universal and inevitable issues of human life. The words are presented to the listener through winding melodies and surprising harmonies. A voice that defies boundaries, backed up by a genuine band in the borderland between Swedish progg music, Swedish ballad tradition and improvisation.


Daniel Ögren is a Swedish composer, producer and studio engineer. He plays guitar, keys, bass and percussion and has produced and released 8 albums since 2011.
He was a member of Anna von Hausswolffs band between 2009-2013 and has then collaborated with many artists such as Albert af Ekenstam, Musette, Sven Wunder, Anna Ihlis, Monte Nour, Small Feet among others.

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Erlend Apneseth Trio (NO)


Erlend Apneseth Trio is one of Norway's most innovative and active genre-free bands these days, and are combining the sound of Norwegian Folk Music, jazz and electronica in a very unique way.

They have received several prizes and nominations for their three releases on the acclaimed label Hubro, the latest being the Norwegian Grammy for their most recent album Salika, Molika . Extensive touring in Norway and Europe for the last five years have excited both new and recurring audiences wherever they go.

The trio consists of Erlend Apneseth (Hardanger fiddle), Stephan Meidell (guitar/live- sampling) and Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums/percussion). They are all critically acclaimed artists and composers in their respective fields, and their improvisational approach make every event unique.

«This is music of sublime beauty» Allaboutjazz
«A folksy, rhythmically powered zone of abstraction. Apneseth has developed the perfect hybrid» Songlines
«An enthralling listen» BBC Music Magazine *****
«Folk tradition revitalized within a digitised and polyglot world» The Wire


Slowburn (DK)


The Danish quartet Slowburn is releasing their fourth album Folketro on 14th february 2020. The record presents a highly concentrated, dynamic and thoroughly orchestrated sound with ties to nordic folklore, no wave, polyrhythmic rock and contemporary classical music. Composer and bandleader Lars Bech Pilgaard has drawn inspiration from his rural heritage, for the material for Folketro.

In a characteristic blend of weightless jazz and edgy impro-rock Slowburn explores the universal energy among sound, people and memories, with an underlying spirituality. Since forming in 2012 Lars Bech Pilgaards group Slowburn, made up of Lars Greve, Thommy Andersson and Thomas Eiler, have released three albums harvesting critical praise in medias across genres and segments. The compositions of the previous record SOM FØR brought forward a nomination to Lars Bech Pilgaard as the jazz composer of the year at Carl-Prisen 2018 and same year he was nominated Danish musician of the year at the yearly Danish Music Critics award- Steppeulven.

Lars Bech Pilgaard: guitar, piano, bowed banjo, keyboards Thommy Andersson (SE): bass
Lars Greve: saxophones, clarinets Thomas Eiler: drums


3TM (FI)


Drummer/producer Teppo Mäkynen's 3TM returns with a new album, "Lake", on 29 November on Helsinki's We Jazz Records. The album is the much awaited follow up to 2017's successful 3TM debut "Form", which was awarded as the "Jazz Album of the Year" in Mäkynen's native Finland. "Lake" was preceded by the ambient electronic album"Abyss" in August, which set the mood for what's to come next: A compact yet far-reaching body of work bringing together the trio's acoustic jazz sound and ideas rooted in abstract electronic music in a remarkably boundless way.

Teppo Mäkynen, drums & sounds Jussi Kannaste, tenor sax Antti Lötjönen, bass
Composed and produced by Teppo Mäkynen


LUX BOREAL is a touring festival created to facilitate exploration, collaboration, and celebration of independent Nordic music.

Our goals are to bring together venues and artists across four Nordic countries by organizing two traveling festivals per year, one in spring and one in autumn. Each edition of the festival will center around a different musical genre, showcasing musicians from each of the four countries who are innovating this style in their own special way. And all concerts along the festival trail will fly the same banner: LUX BOREAL.

Participating venues:
Huset - Copenhagen, DK

Dexter - Odense, DK

Huset i Hasserisgade - Aalborg, DK

Oceanen - Gothenburg, SE

G Livelab - Helsinki, FI
G Livelab - Tampere, FI


(we will be adding 5 more venues to the route)

Lux Boreal is made possible by the support of

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