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Tone Chamber is a booking and management agency based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialize in promoting an international roster of musicians that are part of the alternative/experimental world music scene. We represent artists that have developed very personal and distinct voices. Common among them is that the musical stories they tell are vibrant with border crossing and rule breaking while using deeply integrated vocabulary from musical traditions such as american jazz, european classical, romanian lautareasca, and japanese shakuhachi.  The result is often both groovy and dreamy, emotionally penetrating and intellectually engaging. Tone Chamber is pleased to be working to connect these talented musicians with their audiences.

Our main area of activity is in Scandinavia, though for certain projects from Denmark we extend our field to the whole of Europe. Our artists perform at festivals, concert venues, chamber music salons, and private events. Upcoming performances are listed on our Facebook page.

Please contact us to inquire about artist availability.

Director and Primary Agent:
Isabel Douglass
+45 60 65 34 01

About the Director:

Isabel Douglass was born and raised in San Francisco where she spent the first 10 years of her career performing on the accordion, touring internationally on the world music festival circuit with bands such as Rupa and the April Fishes, Tango No. 9 and Eric McFadden. Since moving to Copenhagen in 2010 she has expanded her work to include booking and producing shows. 

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